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Uber drivers may be more inclined to drive themselves and their families to GoHealth Urgent Care Locations in the San Francisco area, thanks to incentives GoHealth parent Dignity Health is offering. The company is offering personalized and tech-enabled care to Uber drivers and their families at urgent-care clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area. They can also schedule appointments through an exclusive online and mobile platform and access a health education and wellness program that, initially, will provide flu shots with no out-of-pocket costs. The program may be expanded to provide classes on chronic-disease management, ergonomics to help drivers avoid neck and back pain, and the chance to enroll in in health insurance exchange plans. Dignity Health plans to extend the program to Uber drivers in New York and Portland, Ore., with GoHealth Urgent Care, as well other Dignity Health locations across California, Arizona and Nevada down the road.

Dignity Health Tries to Drive Uber Families to GoHealth Urgent Care
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