These data from the 2010 Urgent Care Benchmarking Survey are based on responses of 1,691 US urgent care centers; 32% were UCA members. The survey was limited to “full-fledged urgent care centers” accepting walk-ins during all hours of operation; having a licensed provider and x-ray and lab equipment onsite; the ability to administer IV fluids and perform minor procedures; and having minimal business hours of seven days per week, four hours per day.

In this issue: Is your center using computerized systems for radiology services?
The 2008 survey revealed that utilization of computerized systems was fairly heavy for certain aspects of operations, such as billing and claims management, and less so for other aspects, such as prescription ordering.

The 2010 survey looked at this data a little differently, examining also time in use. Where computerized systems were in use, responders were asked about plans for the center’s future use.

Of the urgent cancer centers that responded to the survey, 73.9% use computerized systems for radiology services, and the majority of those who do not, do not have immediate plans to purchase.

Acknowledgement: The 2010 Urgent Care Benchmarking Study was funded by the Urgent Care Association and administered by Professional Research Associates, based in Omaha, NE. The full 40-page report can be purchased at

Developing Data: June, 2012