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In each issue on this page, we report on research from or relevant to the emerging urgent care marketplace. This month, we share insight into the most common reasons patients choose to visit an urgent care center. These data reflect the results of a cross sectional survey of 1,006 patients who visited an urgent care clinic.1

Reasons Patients Chose Urgent Care

Reasons named by less than 40% of patient included:

  • transportation available at that time
  • told to come by outside medical provider
  • told to come by friend or relative
  • no payment necessary at time of visit.

The authors concluded that “this study suggests that patients choose the urgent care setting based largely on convenience and more timely care.”

Does your marketing message speak to this rationale? (And, more importantly, would patients who have visited your facility tell their family, friends, and coworkers they received convenient, timely, and highly competent care?)

  1. Scott DR, Batal HA, Majeres S, et al. Access and care issues in urban care clinic patients. BMS Health Services Research. 2009; 9: 222. Available at:

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