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Just under a year ago, we told you eClinicalWorks had been fined $155 million for violating the False Claims Act. In addition to the fine, the company was supposed to help customers switch to other vendors at no cost to the customer, or provide customers who chose to stay with free updated versions of eClinicalWorks software. Unfortunately, while the fine has been paid and the whistleblower who brought the situation to light got his money, customers continue to charge that data transfer options and faulty software are still wreaking havoc on their businesses. As Andrea Malik Roe, chief financial officer of CRH Healthcare in Atlanta told Healthcare IT News, “they don’t let you have a glide-off path. They’re just making us pay full freight.” Andrew Gordon, MD, of Northwest Neurology in Lake Barrington, IL has similar complaints. “The settlement with eClinicalWorks is jaw-dropping,” he said in the same online post. “They are required to do root cause analysis, fix underlying problems, report to the Office of the Inspector General. None of that is happening in our experience.” eClinicalWorks maintains that is in compliance with the requirements levied by the Department of Justice.

Customers Claim eClinicalWorks Isn’t Complying with False Claims Act Judgment
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