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A new study by Solutionreach reveals that healthcare consumers find three things most important in improving the doctor-patient relationship—and in helping them choose who to visit when they need care. Perhaps as importantly, in terms of helping urgent care providers recognize differences in how patients of various ages view healthcare, the report breaks down responses into the categories of Millennials (ages 21–34 for purposes of this study), Generation Xers (35–51 years old), and Baby Boomers (52–70). Overall, the 2,100 respondents (all of whom had visited a physician in the past year) want greater connectivity, better convenience via text and online tools, and more time with physicians. Millennials were the least satisfied with their current physicians and, consequently, also the most likely to switch practices. They’re also the most likely to want to receive email and text communication from healthcare providers, compared with the other groups. Gen Xers were not far behind the Millennials in dissatisfactions, as only 32% say they’re happy with their current provider. However, the Gen X group prefers to communicate via telephone while also being open to getting alerts via email and text. Baby Boomers are the biggest consumers of healthcare, and the least likely to switch physicians. Even so, less than half are “satisfied” with their current primary care provider. Telephone is the overwhelming preference as a medium of communication regarding healthcare for Boomers, but around half say they’re open to getting alerts via email and text messages. All three groups say they want more time than they’re currently spending with providers during office visits.

Healthcare Consumers Want More Connectivity, Convenience, and Time from You, Says Study