JUCM has succeeded in its commitment to publish at least one piece of original research in each issue over the past couple of years—and we plan to continue—but, in general, studies specific to urgent care continue to be scarce. One challenge is that conducting research can be an expensive proposition. Operators running on thin margins or venture capitalist-type ownership may balk at committing to studies that could benefit the field but not have a financial payoff at the end. That pressure may be alleviated somewhat thanks to the Urgent Care Foundation’s new Urgent Care Grant Program. The Urgent Care Association has invited its membership to apply for grants to fund research that could “address known industry gaps and create pathways for continued progress.” UCA says applications related to infectious disease, antibiotic stewardship, and diversity, equity, and inclusion will be especially welcomed. Deadline for grant applications is February 17. If you’ve already initiated or completed research of your own, consider submitting it to JUCM. Visit our Author Instructions for details.

Conducting Urgent Care Research Is as Expensive as It Is Essential—but Help Is on the Way
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