Where staff and patients of the opposite sex or same-sex orientation are together in private, there is a risk for perceived or actual inappropriate advances, or worse. An urgent care operator in Georgia is grappling with such a situation at this very moment, as a medical assistant was arrested and charged with improper sexual contact by an employee or agent in the first degree. A patient alleged that the MA made “unwanted sexual contact with her” while she was on site for a medical visit. While it’s impossible to know what the outcome will be, suffice to say that there will be no winners. This case is a reminder, however, that every healthcare facility has to do what it can to ensure the safety of everyone who walks through the door. JUCM has published a couple of articles that could be helpful in assessing whether your patients, your team, and your business are protected sufficiently. You can read Does Your Urgent Care Need a Chaperone Policy? and Should an Urgent Care Operator Check the National Sex Offender Registry When Hiring Employees? in our archive right now.

Be Vigilant—Sexual Misconduct Claims Are Bad for All Concerned
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