The lesions are Fordyce’s spots—normal, superficial sebaceous glands seen on mucosal surfaces. They are sometimes mistaken for small warts or condylomata.

Often, the patient experiences Fordyce’s spots as “recently discovered” even though they may have been present for years. The typical scenario involves an anxious patient who was examining genital and/or oral skin carefully after having sexual relations with a new partner.

The “spots” can be found on the glans penis, the mucosal aspect of the foreskin, and, most commonly, the vermilion border of the lips. These sebaceous glands are not associated with hair follicles. The tiny papules can appear at any point in life, but the incidence of appearance increases with age, with the largest prevalence in elderly patients.

The lesions are asymptomatic, but patients may experience itching or irritation if they have been treating the papules inappropriately. This is a completely benign disorder, and patients need only to be reassured.
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33-year-old male with new lesions on lips
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