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If you noticed a lot of stories in the local newspaper and TV news reports trying to spell out the difference between the emergency room and urgent care—and when one should go to one or the other—in the last year, thank the Urgent Care Association of America. Or, better yet, congratulation them on winning awards for their Urgency or Emergency? campaign. The campaign, led by the PR firm of L.C. Williams & Associates, won “best of the year” awards from both the Public Relations Society of America and Publicity ClubRead More
A pair of medical practices—one urgent care and one primary care—received a municipal business award for a cooperative venture to make care as accessible as possible for their surrounding communities. Immediate Care Walk-In and CentraState Healthcare System forged an affiliation in 2015 to open a combination primary/urgent care facility in East Windsor, NJ. For their efforts, they received the town’s 2016 Business Award for Community Enhancement, based on polling of residents who were asked to name business that are “adding value to the community through the services offered by theirRead More
A couple who both complained of vomiting and diarrhea on a Saturday morning could easily be dismissed as partygoers who overindulged the night before. William Rose, MD, FACEP took the time to dig a little deeper, though, and ultimately wound up heading off a possible Salmonella outbreak in West Virginia. The WVU Urgent Care physician thought the symptoms were more indicative of food poisoning than a sour stomach; he told the health department as much and follow-up on their part revealed the source to be a fast food restaurant whereRead More
URGENT MESSAGE: Urgent care centers are subject to myriad oversight by individual states, accrediting bodies, Medicare/Medicaid, and private insurance companies. Still, the patchwork nature of state regulatory and legislative trends impacting urgent care in 2015 raises questions—and expectations—for what might be coming next year. Alan A. Ayers, MBA, MAcc is Practice Management Editor of The Journal of Urgent Care Medicine, a member of the Board of Directors of the Urgent Care Association of America, and Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for Practice Velocity, LLC. Urgent care may no longer beRead More