The decline in patients visiting urgent care centers continues to slow around the country, with most locations continuing to be open and ready to provide care—and conduct tests for COVID-19. According to the latest data emerging from the Urgent Care Association’s weekly member survey, 80% of operators say all their centers are open, with 20% reporting that only some centers remain open; none have had to close down all their locations. They’re contributing to the fight against the pandemic, too; 87% of respondents say at least some of their locations are testing for the virus. And the loss in business is starting to turn around; the average falloff vs “typical” patient volume was 43% in the most recent survey, compared with a 56% drop reported the week before. Visit UCA’s COVID-19 webpage for updates on the state (and contributions) of urgent care during this international crisis.

Update: New Data Show Most Urgent Care Centers Are Open and Testing for COVID-19
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