Visits to Zoom+Care locations are growing at a double-digit pace in both the Seattle and Portland markets, prompting the company to hire over a hundred new workers in order to meet the increased demand. How do we know this? The good news was called out in the Portland Business Journal recently, after which that article was blasted out via social media by Zoom+Care itself—for thousands of prospective patients and business leaders to see. The growth (along with the subsequent publicity) also reaffirms that innovative approaches can succeed on a large scale, as Zoom+Care has continued to expand its offerings over the years to include telemedicine, primary care, wellness care, and various ancillary services. People in your communities should know when your business is booming, too. Hired a new physician? Working to integrate advanced practice providers into patient care in order to increase patient flow? Put out a press release. Your community should know that your urgent care operation is both a solid business and a place where families can get excellent care at a moment’s notice. And, while you don’t have to take the Zoom+Care approach, it can’t hurt to learn a little about it. JUCM examined the company’s model some time ago; read Portland’s Zoom+: An Integrated Health System Built On Urgent Care for further insights.


Doing Well? Let Your Community Know!
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