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You promote your urgent care operation well, hire competent clinicians, and offer a robust array of services. So, why don’t more patients return? The problem might be that they don’t feel any sense of connection to your clinic; even worse, the same could be true of your staff. If that’s the case, you might find the solution in the Urgent Care Association of America’s next live webinar, during which James Jiloty, PHR, MSHR, MSLD will lead a discussion on creating a plan to attract physicians, advanced practitioners, and patients toRead More

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UCAOA Webinar: Best Practices at the Front Desk

If you think of the front desk as nothing more than the first point of contact for patients venturing to be treated in your urgent care, you may be missing a great opportunity. It’s also the hub where patient relations, reimbursement, collections, and more meet; give it short shrift at your own risk. On the other hand, your front desk managers, administrators, and practice managers can learn more about how to maximize its value in your location by attending the next live webinar presented by the Urgent Care Association ofRead More
Efforts to stem runaway abuse of opioids—and the resultant increases in addiction and deaths—are firing on all cylinders from the White House to the state house. On a more local level, failing to get on board with current regulations can land you in hot water with the DEA. The Urgent Care Association of America has asked Ronald Chapman, II, an attorney well versed on the subject, to provide a brief primer on DEA compliance with topics that include elements of a valid prescription, limits on refills, postdating prescriptions, storage ofRead More
The last thing ill-feeling patients want to hear from you is that they have to go to another location for some tests. (And, realizing that, it’s probably the last thing you want to tell them.) As such, the ability to run lab tests on site not only makes life easier for patients who value convenience; it is also becoming a clinical imperative. The good news is that setting up your urgent care operations to offer on-site lab testing is simpler than you might thing—provided you have the right information andRead More
The Urgent Care Association of Michigan, working with the Urgent Care Association of America and the College of Urgent Care Medicine, is laying the groundwork for its regional conference, scheduled to take place July 17 and 18 at The Henry Hotel in Dearborn, MI. Built around the theme of Drive Change!, the conference will feature 30 sessions broken into four tracks (Midwest Clinician, UC Management, Clinical Support & Super MA, and Hands-on Lab). Content is designed for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, radiology techs, practice managers, and more. Pricing structuresRead More
Urgent care and occupational medicine seem to go together naturally—small wonder, then, that 91% of urgent care centers offer some form of occupational medicine services, according to a mini survey from the Urgent Care Association of America. It’s profitable, too; of the centers that do have occ med, over half said it accounts for up to 15% of their business. Part of that success lies in offering quality services at a reasonable price, but you still have to make potential customers aware. Jaimyn Taylor, director of business development for Colorado-basedRead More
Urgent care clinicians, operators, and staff will gather in Houston at one of the larger regional urgent care conferences in the country later this month. The 2-day Southwest Urgent Care Conference offers both a Clinical Track and a Leadership track in deference to the unique makeup of the industry, with clinicians often also being business owners and corporate leaders. The clinical curriculum was also designed with consideration for the fact that nurse practitioners and physician assistants are key contributors to a clinic’s success. Attendees have the chance to earn upRead More
As we told you here, a study by Accenture found that a quarter of all healthcare consumers have fallen prey to data breaches—with half of them going on to become victims of medical identity theft. While hospitals were the most common source, other settings (including urgent care) were not immune. The Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA) will offer tips to help you avoid such dangers in a live webinar, The Changing Landscape of Cyber Security, Thursday, March 16, 1–2 pm, Central. Attendees will learn how to identify potential threatsRead More
Membership-based payment models might offer the best of both worlds for urgent care operators and patients. The way Valley Immediate Care in southern Oregon structured its version, patients paying a small monthly fee get discounts—50%—on most services needed at the time of a visit. My Urgent Care 365 has enticed new patients to visit the clinic, helping to increase revenue in the process. Valley Immediate Care CEO Brent Kell will share some insights into how it all works in Implementing a Membership Program in Your Urgent Care Center, a liveRead More
Ensuring payers send you every penny you earned can seem like a daunting challenge, especially with new rules—or entire systems—coming out every year. To help you start the new year on the right track, the Urgent Care Association of America is hosting two webinars on January 11 and 18 to discuss the new Medicare Quality Payment Program. Each one-hour webinar is designed for physicians, physician assistants, nurses/nurse practitioners, coders/billers, and IT staff. The presenter will be Camille Bonta, MHS, principal of Summit Health Care Consulting in Breckenridge, CO. MACRA Basics:Read More